Search Engine Optimization


You have a business to run, let us worry about Google for you.

We will do the research to find what key words will get you more customers and then do the hard work of increasing your rankings in legitmate ways for those key words by buying backlinks. If you have a great business it deserves to be at the top of Google, let us help you get there.

Search Engine Optimization Has Evolved

When Google first came on the scene no one knew to what extent it would impact our daily lives.  Now it has all but killed off the need for The Yellow Pages and encyclopedias! In the early days of search engines you could just weight your site down with a bunch of the right words and get a decent search engine ranking.  You may have heard of ‘meta tags’.  These used to be the meat of search engine optimization… Now both of those methods have passed into technological oblivion.

Consider this:  In 2000 there were a little over 15 million registered domain names.  In 2011 there were over 550,000,000 registered domains!   That number is increasing by the millions every year. In short… competition for the first page of google is nearly 40 times what it was in the last 10 years… and this doesn’t include all the competition from sites that don’t have their own domain name.

In all of this Google has refined the way it ranks pages.  It has hunted down sites that try to manipulate the system and penalizes them in their results.  No one knows all the ways google compiles its results and so no one can guarantee a particular ranking in Google.  If they do, beware, they are lying to you.  What we can guarantee is that your page will move up in its ranking when we optimize it.  Depending on your industry the competition may be stronger or weaker.   The stronger the competition the longer it takes to move up in the rankings.

We do the research to help you find out which keywords and phrases people are searching for and which ones can benefit your business the most.  Once we determine that angle of attack we begin to add legitimate content and structure to your site that will both increase its value in the site of Google and in the eyes of your consumers.

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