Saddle Stitching

In saddle stitching the pages are nested together and then stitched through the fold with staples made of thin wire. These books can lie flat. However, saddle-stitching only works for shorter books of up to 80 pages or so. Great for programs or large newsletters.

Ring Binders

The paper inserts can be printed and then inserted behind the clear covering on the front, back and spine of ring-binders.


Your project can be numbered. Great for applications such as concert tickets, invitation, or anything that you need to keep track of when they are used.

Complex Folding

Just like the name sounds, this covers a variety of different folding options for your project such as: Letter Fold, Single Fold, Fan Fold, Double Letter Fold, and more!


Need to laminate your menus? your signs? Thomas Group Print Services can help! We can laminate projects up to 60″ wide!  We can also laminate your project. Thomas Group Print Services offers glossy and matte laminate in thicknesses ranging from 1 mil to 10 mil.  


Scoring is used for thick stock projects that need to be folded, such as invitations or greeting cards.


Padding is used for gluing larger projects together at the edges of the paper. Used primarily for NCR forms or creating custom notebook pads.

Thomas Group Print Services offers all of the above bindery services and much more, please call for details for your specific projects.

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