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August 09, 2016
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Here at The Thomas Group, we can develop custom solutions for whatever you need to accomplish online. Recently, we had a client who needed a solution for E-Commerce in an a-typical situation. We developed a new site for Bill at and set to work on customizing a payment solution to fit his needs.

His clients fill out a booking request on his site while paying the minimum deposit for their package. This is advantageous for the customer because tickets are given out on a first come first serve basis. Then, one of Bill’s representatives contacts the client to finalize the package details and set up final payment. There are also package add-ons that a customer can call and request later, even while at the event itself. Because of this, the credit card needed to be saved in the system for future charges.

We worked with and built a custom solution utilizing their Customer Information profile that collects the credit card information and tokenizes the card. This way, Bill never has to handle the card information or worry about storing it but he can access it any time it is required.

The solution is totally PCI Compliant, and simplifies the user experience. Everything can be completed on one page and they only have to enter their credit card information once during the whole process. By collecting all of the customer’s personal information on one page, it increases sales and conversions, saves the client time and adds the element of “impulse buys” in a process that is typically dependent on quote generation and approval.

If a user friendly experience and a reliable, secure system is important to you, contact The Thomas Group today to simplify and maximize your E-Commerce site!

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